Thursday, November 6, 2008

Apple, The Sex Machine

The Best Sex Machine Award goes to...(*drum rolls*) The Apple!

Do you know that apple has an extremely good stamina and so good on bed? I meant it is good on bed if an apple could really have a hot sex. Apple pwned them all!

If only Apple can give a fuck...

...I assume the guy has learned some Chinese Kungfu, he can float and do the job!

(The digital clock shows 23:18)

 he turned to Superman? Superhorse perhaps.

(The digital clock shows 00:45)

The girl seems like wilted or an exhausted chick.

(The digital clock shows 02:10)

He is really like a sex machine. Celebrity scandal photo: Britney Fears and Green Aper.

(The digital clock shows 03:26)

Finally, they finished their romance.

(The digital clock shows 05:38)

They did that for 6 hours?!

Can you believe it?!
Oops, I hope you will have your parents' accompaniment to educate you while you are reading this topic if you are below 18 years old. Back to the story, Apple is hard, firm, robust and vigorous. And that's not all! This is the girl's favorite part, it is LONG-LASTING too! If man have the battery life like the apples do while having sex, isn't that fantastic? Apple Inc. products are distinct in appearance, and yet their battery life. Do you wanna see how the apples pwned the others? hehe...

5 hours later...

5 more hours later...

Talk time for iPhone3G: Up to 10hours

Talk time for Samsung i900 Omnia: Up to 5 hours 50mins

Result: Samsung i900 Omnia, YOU GOT PWNED!

4 hours later...

an hour later...

Battery Life for Macbook: 5 hours
Battery Life for Sony VAIO VGN-CR353: 4 hours
Battery Life for Sony VAIO VGN-FW12G: 2.5 hours


The ending of "muac-muac-muac" will never be good...

Battery Life for iPod Nano: Up to 24 hours audio playtime

Battery Life for Creative Zen V Plus: Up to 16 hours audio playtime

Battery Life for iPod Classic: Up to 36 hours audio playtime, 6 hours video playtime

Battery Life for Creative Zen X-Fi: Up to 36 hours audio playtime, 5 hours video playtime

Result: Creative Zen, YOU GOT PWNED!


MyNaMeIsZeFF said...

omg ur story really really catch the attention of readers to read because of its beautiful pictures and colours

just apple said...

i know you like the dirty joke of it..:P ty anyway!

Luna` said...

LOLOL. Apple cider. Apple iphone. Ipod. hahahha

MR. CHAP said...

That was the funniest blog I ever read...

Anonymous said...

why din u compare ipod nano n sony's walkman mp3 player??
those could last up to 50 hours audio playback

just apple said...

haha...ipod nano is mp4 not mp3 player..>.<