Monday, December 8, 2008

Magic Apple Sharpener

I love apple. I don't like sharpener. But I love Apple Sharpener! I have to say, it looks cute and tempting until I can't stop myself to buy it and have a bite immediately!

And I realized, this is not merely a sharpener. It has plenty of functions for me! I love you, Apple Sharpener!

First and foremost, I can use it to sharpen my color pencils. It is capable and better in sharpening as it would not break my pencil lead at all.

And I borrow to my sister as she thinks this is a very good sharpener too.

I can use the container to keep my rubbish too! For instance, the tissue papers, nose turd, fingernails and etc.

Now it is the more advanced feature which takes you guts to do it. I am planning to hide my notes and clues for the examination.

I can use it as a keychain too! An useful and cute keychain huh! But don't let girls to steal it!

I will use it to bring my vitamin pills and M&M sometimes...

Ta-dang~ My new necklace!

What? It can mimic as a message clip!

This is the best sharpener I have ever had!!! I love you Apple Sharpener!