Thursday, May 28, 2009

Apple is back from McValue Lunch!!!

Even my mom feels excited about McValue Lunch...

Now you can afford the most tempting lunch with the lowest price at McDonald's!!!


Bite the most valuable burger!

Chew the tastiest french fries!

Sip the infinite drink!


Are you lovin' it? Grab it for your lunch tomorrow!

I'm lovin' it! I can't wait to finish em'!!! But that's not all...

My friend wants it more! How about you?


"Have you McValue LUNCHTM-ed this week?"

Monday, January 5, 2009

iMan, the Bookworm.

Do you hate book? I do hate book. But why am I calling myself as the bookworm? Recently, I realized my life is like committed to so many books.

Firstly, Notebook

I got myself a new notebook from Starbucks coffee as a perfect starter for the year 2009. But frankly to say, I bought it just for the sake of its design. Anyway, I will use it wisely too.

Secondly, Stor

I love to read storybook, whether it is fiction or non-fiction still. However, I had stopped this habit few months ago due to my hectic college life. And now I am back to the previous life, it's time for me to finish my abandoned storybook, 'Flirting with Pete' by Banana De-lame-skin after my examination.

Thirdly, Phonebook

Can you live without a phone book? To my phone book, I can sing "Can't li...e..e..e..eve...If living is without jiu...". Enough said, this is a vital book in my entire life.

Fourthly, Facebook

Am I addicted to Facebook? No, but I log in it and socialize there with the friends daily. I will play with the applications available
and update my status whenever I am free. Why am I doing so? Am I addicted to it? Please, NO!!!

Fifthly, Macbook


I love Macbook, I love Macbook, and I love Macbook! I want to get it after I made my decision. Should I get it? Too many consideration for me to think carefully. Money-wise and the function-wise. *hug* Macbook.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Apple Christmas!

As I mentioned in the Top 10 Amusements of Apple Christmas, the Top 1 will be revealed during Christmas, which is today. Before the Top 1 reveals to you all, I would like to wish you guys a Merry Apple Christmas! Are you ready for it? Let's do it!

*drum rolls*

Merry Christmas everyone! LOVE! My leaves have turn to brown! Yuhoo~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday iMan!

Today is my 21st birthday, hurray? I'm emotional and I don't feel excited but depressed frankly. The close ones who know me well, they knew I had a tough 21 years. Could the next 21 years be better? I wish I could predict something further. I can't tell my feelings right now but I could show it in my drawing.
Not a fancy cake? I can draw better, but this is how I feel. Anyway I want to thank everyone who have wished me earlier or later. Special thanks to Jacyn, I feel surprised and touched that you called me all the way far from London. Thanks to the net friends who wished me and thanks to my friends for the wonderful gifts.

In a nutshell, birthday just brings me another emotional day in a bad way.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hot Chicks in iPod Touch

Recently I got this iPod Touch as an early birthday present from my friends, special thanks to them indeed. And they served me with this early Christmas dinner, the hot chicken, or turkey instead. Anyway, what I love the most of the iPod Touch functions is its high speed of connection with Wi-fi feature.

Within 5 seconds I could finish loading a page with the iSafari browser and select the video that I desire to watch.

With the horizontal view you could enjoy the wider screen that ease your viewing.

It just take about half of the total duration of your video for finish loading it in YouTube. And the quality is definitely high and clear. These are the two hot chicks who accompanying me during the lonely Saturday night. I love their soothing voice and their funky personality. Here I'm sharing a very short clip in how does it looks like for playing YouTube with iPod Touch.

The below are the original videos by Rin on the Rox from the YouTube which introduced by RJ. Thanks RJ! You gave me a beautiful night!

-If I were a boy-

-Better in Time-

-A Woman's Worth-

Thanks my friends for the lovely present. My birthday is on 23rd of December. Wish me "Happy Birthday" on that day! :D