Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Trend of Apple's Hairstyle

Apple has all kind of hairstyle, but he was not satisfied with the hair colour. One day, he looked at the mirror, there was something bad reflected from the mirror and he got frustrated.

Therefore, Apple needs a CHANGE! As Barack Obama said, it is time for CHANGE! The colour has been changed by America, why not the Apple to change his hair colour as well? At last, Apple did it!

Apple is more alive now! He can choose all sort of changes that he wanted. Apple and his friends are all gone wild!

From the old fashion of mp3/mp4 players, now iPod Nano-Chromatic carries another trend of portable music players.

Source of Picture: Apple Inc Official Website

Share it

Share your best moment with your friends by browsing the photos with the 2-inch (diagonal) liquid crystal display.

Show it!

Show and play the beloved video and movies anywhere with up to 4 hours video playback period.

Start it!

Start any compatible games with it to cheers your boredom everyday.

Shake it!

Shake to shuffle your music, more surprises
and excitement now!

Enjoy the 30 seconds video below and it takes 30seconds to load with high quality performance! The background song is awesome as an ending for this post!

You wu uh uh huh...