Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Apple Christmas!

As I mentioned in the Top 10 Amusements of Apple Christmas, the Top 1 will be revealed during Christmas, which is today. Before the Top 1 reveals to you all, I would like to wish you guys a Merry Apple Christmas! Are you ready for it? Let's do it!

*drum rolls*

Merry Christmas everyone! LOVE! My leaves have turn to brown! Yuhoo~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday iMan!

Today is my 21st birthday, hurray? I'm emotional and I don't feel excited but depressed frankly. The close ones who know me well, they knew I had a tough 21 years. Could the next 21 years be better? I wish I could predict something further. I can't tell my feelings right now but I could show it in my drawing.
Not a fancy cake? I can draw better, but this is how I feel. Anyway I want to thank everyone who have wished me earlier or later. Special thanks to Jacyn, I feel surprised and touched that you called me all the way far from London. Thanks to the net friends who wished me and thanks to my friends for the wonderful gifts.

In a nutshell, birthday just brings me another emotional day in a bad way.