Friday, November 14, 2008

Strawberry, Banana, Watermelon or Ki Wii?

Apple was trying so hard to find his dad, finally he did it! The process was literally a tragedy or a disaster to him and yet he still remember how difficult was it.

He met Mr.Strawberry, but Mr.Strawberry has a son and a daughter and yet never betray his wife yet.

Mr.Banana told him that he has a son, but his son was murdered by a human while he was walking on street.

Apple saw this and he thought it might be his dad, but in fact he didn't know this is a pregnant watermelon.

Finally, Mr.Ki Wii approached him and told him that he is the long lost father of him. And the Apple was a little astonished by the news.

If you like Ki Wii and you enjoyed playing tennis, boxing, racing or even dancing in your house, now u will definitely desire to convey the console to outdoor or wherever you want. Here is the trouble, how can you play your Ki Wii in class, car or even on street without the provision of electricity and television?

It was a mission impossible, hence you need the son of
Ki Wii. Yes, Apple's iPod Touch has turned this mission to the mission possible! It is small, but in still it has a big touch screen as a game console. It is just like a gameboy! iPod Touch is not merely a MP3 player with sleek design, but with its new genius features included in the 2nd Generation of iPod Touch, you feel more action and fun!

You don't need a built-in button for your game console now!

Turn to the left.

Turn to the right.

Watch out the river! Move down your left hand!

You are safe now! Be fast and furious!

This is not your imagination nor your dream. You don't need a button to play the games! You just need to move your console and touch its body! Apple says, "I am not Mariah Carey, but please touch my body...". Meanwhile, you can listen to Mariah Carey's songs with its built-in speaker! Yes, it has built-in speaker! Woot~

Watch the 30 seconds video below to get the picture of my story immediately. There are hundreds of games you could download from the iTunes store for free!

In spite of all the movements you can do with iPod Touch, intangible buttons will be installed based on the games' criteria. Personally, I love Super Mario Bros.

Caution! You can play in classroom!

But you still need to pretend as a nerd although you are playing it! "Dang dang dang, dang dang dang, dang~" (Super Mario Bro's soundtrack)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I am becoming a Red Apple tonight!

I had a bad week. But it was a past now. To celebrate the new coming week, I got myself a pack of Cottage Fries and a bottle of cheap wine, I really love wine.

The wine opener in my house is gone, so I got a new one. I don't have any spell that I could use to suck the damn wine cork.

The bad thing is arriving, once I open the cover of the wine, I saw a small tunnel. THERE IS NO WINE CORK INSIDE! So I just wasted my own money to get them a new wine opener. Anyway, tonight I am becoming a Red Apple!

I like to move it move it,

She likes to move it move it,
We like to move it move it,

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is coming to GSC Malaysia on the 13rd November 2008!