Saturday, November 29, 2008

Instinct vs. iPhone

The biggest competitor of iPhone 3G is borned! It is the Samsung Instinct from Sprint. They look alike and they have the similar functions.

Nonetheless, Samsung Instinct has more advantages based on their criticism against the iPhone 3G from As a summary from that, these are the facts that I could agree with them as the benifits you can gain from Samsung Instinct.

The only function of Samsung Instinct which could really amaze me is its "Speech To Action". Due to this function requires the voice command from a human being, therefore it is necessary for you to watch this 40 seconds funny commercial video of "Instinct vs. iPhone" by Sprint.

I can't deny that this function is outstanding if we compare Instinct with the loser iPhone. However, this function can be a disaster or humiliation to me in my personal point of view. Watch this 40 seconds video which shows you what kind of disaster that could possibly happen to me.

I assume Apple Inc. is avoiding this silly incident to happen to the smart customers. By the way, is Samsung Instinct imitating Apple iPhone? Anyway, it is just a modified version perhaps.

Welcom CC to the world!!!

CC, the copy-cat.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Apple's New Tattoo, iMan!

Apple is a man, Apple is a man, and APPLE IS A MAN! Peoples are wondering whether this white apple with green leaves on head is a chick or a hunk. And I need to make an announcement here, this little cute White Apple is a man! The iMan! Remember it's not the legendary model Iman!

Why iMan? It is because it stands for 'i am a man'. There are few reasons that caused the readers think I am a girl rather than a guy.

1.) The drawings here are cute.

iMan: Why the heck a guy could not draw something cute?

2.) I don't talk like a

iMan: Do I have to use ASSHOLE, MOTHERFUCKER, BITCH and BASTARD to greet my readers? I do use WTF and OMFG though. Good manners do not make me a man?

3.) The name 'Apple' itself sounds like a girl.

iMan: For your own sake, Apple is not my name! It is a type of fruit in this blog! And I never call myself as Apple in other chat box or forum! I am using "justapple" all the while! If you prefer I switch to "justbanana" to show that I am a man, I will then.

However, Apple needs a tattoo now. A tattoo which indicates himself as an apple, and another one that represents himself as a iMan. But making a tattoo on Apple's body, it's a mission of EP. EP indicates Expensive and Painful. Hence, he decided to DIY (Do It Yourself) with the aid of P&S (Paper and Sunlight)
This is the imagination or to say expectation by Apple. Unfortunately, his mission was a fiasco and the outcome is a little unpredicted.
Since then, Apple has made another decision which is to return himself to his hometown, the Apple Inc store to get a FREE TATTOO!

Make yourself a tattoo with the Free Laser Engraving on your iPod now!

Make it as a gift for anyone with the engraved message to any iPod! It is easy and free! Just like what I did for my friends! Hehe...

In the end, Apple got himself a best tattoo ever!!! *Wink* Goodbye old friends!