Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Apple's New Tattoo, iMan!

Apple is a man, Apple is a man, and APPLE IS A MAN! Peoples are wondering whether this white apple with green leaves on head is a chick or a hunk. And I need to make an announcement here, this little cute White Apple is a man! The iMan! Remember it's not the legendary model Iman!

Why iMan? It is because it stands for 'i am a man'. There are few reasons that caused the readers think I am a girl rather than a guy.

1.) The drawings here are cute.

iMan: Why the heck a guy could not draw something cute?

2.) I don't talk like a

iMan: Do I have to use ASSHOLE, MOTHERFUCKER, BITCH and BASTARD to greet my readers? I do use WTF and OMFG though. Good manners do not make me a man?

3.) The name 'Apple' itself sounds like a girl.

iMan: For your own sake, Apple is not my name! It is a type of fruit in this blog! And I never call myself as Apple in other chat box or forum! I am using "justapple" all the while! If you prefer I switch to "justbanana" to show that I am a man, I will then.

However, Apple needs a tattoo now. A tattoo which indicates himself as an apple, and another one that represents himself as a iMan. But making a tattoo on Apple's body, it's a mission of EP. EP indicates Expensive and Painful. Hence, he decided to DIY (Do It Yourself) with the aid of P&S (Paper and Sunlight)
This is the imagination or to say expectation by Apple. Unfortunately, his mission was a fiasco and the outcome is a little unpredicted.
Since then, Apple has made another decision which is to return himself to his hometown, the Apple Inc store to get a FREE TATTOO!

Make yourself a tattoo with the Free Laser Engraving on your iPod now!

Make it as a gift for anyone with the engraved message to any iPod! It is easy and free! Just like what I did for my friends! Hehe...

In the end, Apple got himself a best tattoo ever!!! *Wink* Goodbye old friends!


Stellix said...

FREE TATTOO??? its freE?? can i do it in msia??

MR. CHAP said...

lmao...yes sir

gregorule said...

hahaa!!! I amso wann!!!! T__T

xin said...

wow yr drawings are so so cute!

Autumn Babe said...

oh ya~ i love their engraving service so much. if i am going to own one ipod touch, i would definitely engrave my name on it! XD

luis said...

hmm..i love durians, but i think it's not elegant enough:/

Cashmere said...

Yay!!! I can comment already!! Wooohooooo!!!

Anyway back to the topic, I really have no idea why they think you're a girl. I am definitely not one of them. I knew it from the start.. Probably they didn't look deep enough.. ;P]

Anyway, the engraving is kinda cool.. =)

Anonymous said...

i dint know they have this engraving thingy until i read this.. LOL...

Cute drawing you have... :p

sunny said...

youre very interesting buddy, your posts are good..hehehehe! a tat to apple? oh! to the owner of this site? to justapple? or to your apple? ahahaha!

JonG ® said...

LOL.. hahaha.. nice tattoo.. im thinking of getting one also :P.. maybe in few more years time xD

Shea said...

apple should give you some money,
I love the whole concept and the drawings,
seriously, apple INC should hire you for a major ad campaign

Morten Pedersen said...

Funny stuff!

Obefiend said...

where can i get some laser etching ya? want to etch something on something.. ha ha

Timmy said...

Heya, thanks for the comments :)

I paid around 500 USD for the Netbook, thats around 388 euro :)

just apple said...

>stellix-yea i do for you..lol!
>greg-DIY like me la..XD
>xin-lol i got a friend same name as u..@@ thanks
>autumn babe-engrave my name on it!
>luis-lol justdurians? XD it's elegant!
>cashmere-you read deeper than others! haha...XD
>anonymous-haha u will know more in future!
>sunny-a tattoo for myself, my apple and justapple! :P
>jong-get me one too!
>shea-haha don't have to, cause i love Apple and i'm not expecting their money. In fact i do love some other products and i might show it in future.
>morten-haha thanks
>obefiend-what u want to etch and etch on??? lol....so abstract
>timmy-wow that's cheap!!!!!!!

BillyWarhol said...

LOLLLL i do use all those Greetings!! ;))

+ yes I love Iman* + Bowie************

;)) Peace*

Seizhin said...

Apple! There's so many things to love for an apple. The taste, the performance, the graphic~

sanchit said...

1 of the nicest templates i have seen around!!

and of course excellent drawings!!

latest post- are you racist?


Jhoice said...

Nice one again, lols that's funny... why not justbanana anyway :D ahehe
oOh well, justapple/apple is a cool name for a guy, ahihi!! and I love that green leaves on his head, ahaha :D

nice drawing, keep it up!
I like the apple free tattoo. bwahaha =c

just apple said...

>billy-haha...u do? ><' i do too sometimes. XD
>seizhin-haha apple is healthy all the time!
>sanchit-i'm not racist! :D :D read already. i will save the black one among the 2, cause i'm sure there are other ppls could save the white one..
>jhoice-haha cause justbanana is too long.=/ give u a leaf then..:P i will grow new one when the leaves are wilted! wahaha...

3POINT8 said...

nice one

hoong said...

iPod oso can get a Tatto...?? nice wat....
and the drawing cute oso.....

rojakrojak said...

mac products again lolz


Joanne Chan said...

J Apple, I have never thought of you are a girl :)

Keep posting ya !

Justin said...

Mine is engraved as well. :D

Saii said...

hey, I'm a new reader of urs
ur funny
I knew u were a guy, I read it on ur profile

Anonymous said...

Interesting to Note that you make fun of Apple and also LOVE Apple - Well Done !