Monday, January 5, 2009

iMan, the Bookworm.

Do you hate book? I do hate book. But why am I calling myself as the bookworm? Recently, I realized my life is like committed to so many books.

Firstly, Notebook

I got myself a new notebook from Starbucks coffee as a perfect starter for the year 2009. But frankly to say, I bought it just for the sake of its design. Anyway, I will use it wisely too.

Secondly, Stor

I love to read storybook, whether it is fiction or non-fiction still. However, I had stopped this habit few months ago due to my hectic college life. And now I am back to the previous life, it's time for me to finish my abandoned storybook, 'Flirting with Pete' by Banana De-lame-skin after my examination.

Thirdly, Phonebook

Can you live without a phone book? To my phone book, I can sing "Can't li...e..e..e..eve...If living is without jiu...". Enough said, this is a vital book in my entire life.

Fourthly, Facebook

Am I addicted to Facebook? No, but I log in it and socialize there with the friends daily. I will play with the applications available
and update my status whenever I am free. Why am I doing so? Am I addicted to it? Please, NO!!!

Fifthly, Macbook


I love Macbook, I love Macbook, and I love Macbook! I want to get it after I made my decision. Should I get it? Too many consideration for me to think carefully. Money-wise and the function-wise. *hug* Macbook.