Saturday, November 1, 2008

Condoms for Apples

This is not an offensive post to the underage group of my readers. It is something more educational. From the online free dictionary, the definition of condom is a flexible sheath which made of rubber that designed to cover the penis during intercourse. In a nutshell, it is just a balloon on penis. Therefore you might think…condoms for apples are something similar like this...

Ha-ha…I need to bring out the point now. The condom for apple just the description of the protection skin for Apple Inc. product. iSkin has released many trendy and useful skins and covers for all range of Apple Inc. product, from iPod, iPhone to Mac. The colours of the condom skins are alike with the colour palette of rainbow. Withal, there are some products have attracted me the most and really eye-catching.

This is a condom packaging.

This is not a condom packaging,

but it is iSkin Keyboard Protector packaging!

The design of this keyboard protector fits the best for the keyboard of Apple MacBook and PC. It has arctic, sonic, purple, apple green and orange colour! It keeps the noise down for typing and maintains the hygiene of your keyboard. Less friction and less dust!


Mouse wears condom now! Ha-ha…Is it Mickey Mouse? NO! It is Mighty Mouse!

NONO, it is not like this! Stop your dirty thought!

This is the Mighty Mouse! And you are right, they have protection sheath too!

It is simple and stylish with the outstanding colours available in the market. Giving your Mighty Mouse a good shell can save you from buying a new costly mouse replacement!

Play safe everyone!


Anonymous said...

Haha this is mad! i love it

reanaclaire said...

good information ,my fren.. keep it up.. educational..

just apple said...

haha..educational..ty claire!!!

Luna` said...

Lolol. Hahah. Condom apples.. :P