Monday, October 27, 2008

Non-imported Apple

Can you name the identity of this hand tool?

1. Apple Walkie-Talkie
2. iPhone
3. Eye-phone

Think wisely, look at the image closely.

Perhaps you need to get a wider monitor screen.

It’s time to put on your glasses…


The answer is iPhone 3G!!! Gotcha~ I am sure nobody answers that precisely. For those who did correctly, you will be receiving a big blessing from me. And it’s time for you to grab a new iPhone 3G from the retail store! Unfortunately, you can’t get it from my lovely country, Malaysia.

Cellphone has evolved so much with dazzling designs and functions. Do you still remember the very first gigantic cellphone in the past? Yea, you will definitely smile when the image flashes back through your memory now.

This first generation of gigantic cellphone is big like hammer and heavy like elephant.

What can you do with this dumbbell-alike cellphone in your hand?

1. Call 911 and it takes your entire body strength to press the
2. Do exercise as its weight could really burn off your body calories.
3. Show off that you own a huge cellphone as nobody does. (you can’t hide it anyway)
4. Provide your eyes with the healthiest vision as it only has green light on screen.

I know you must be thinking I am exaggerating it. However, it is true! What makes iPhone 3G stands out from the crowd? It is not about SMS, MMS, GPRS, built-in camera, audio and video playback, and etc. It is something more fun and exhilarating!

iPhone 3G has the best Multi-Touch function and it allows you to control everything by your fingertips! The high sensitivity and feasibility of its multi-touch software make anything possible! You can flick, tap, pinch on screen to glide your photo display and zoom in and out whenever you like! I am using ‘glide’, yes it glides! Your fingertip turns into an invisible cursor now!

Let me show you how it works!
Step 1:
Put your fingertips on the screen.

Step 2:
Glide one of your fingertips to upward direction.

Now the picture has been zoomed in!

Nowadays, the peoples are very concern on the vision of graphic. The houses are commencing to be occupied with widescreen TV, widescreen monitor, and widescreen portable game system. Hence, the technology of iPhone 3G also enhanced to follow the flows of the wide-screen trend. The wide screen display is not the only appealing factor but the movement of display takes the pride!

As simple as it is, what you need to do is to ROTATE! In Chinese we called rotate as ‘转 (zhuan)’, and in Japanese we called it as ‘kaiten shimasu’. The result of rotation is amazing and bizarre!

Don’t try this at home.

Your television won’t able to perform this magic, or you will see stars and birds when your mom smacks your head down.

What's next?

3G, Wi-Fi, and GPS just blow you away!

You will never be lost in anywhere with the aid of multiple functions invented!

GPS serves as your traveling navigator no matter where you are! It detects the signals from GPS satellite, Wi-Fi spots, or even cellular towers to tell you the most precise location. Now you can trek into South Africa or dive into Maldives, you will still able to know your exact spot as long as you can get the signal from either one of the ways. Hold on a second, just to remind you that iPhone 3G is not a water-resistant cellphone.

3G and Wi-Fi features enable you to browse the email and surf the porn website anytime and anywhere. For those who can’t wait to read their emails immediately, this is what you desire.

The speed of 3G can be described as 3F, Fast, Fxcking Fast, and Fery Fery Fast!

And to all the Malaysian fans of iPhone 3G, please wait longer for the import.


Ikki said...

Good job ...Nice illustrations. very original. Keep it up!

derik said...

is that your finger??? lol

envee said...

good job , very fresh for me

yo said...

wow~so cute~!

just apple said...

hey thanks guys!!! this post is old but still get apples!

Hedy said...

lovely gor such a magician~love him!