Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top 10 Amusements of Apple Christmas

Why do I love Christmas so much? It is not because of the Santa Clause nor the present I will receive, but it is the decoration of Christmas environment! Tall and giant pine trees with all the twinkly balls and colorful candies just bring me lot of joys. This is why I love Christmas so much. But I realized it is always more than what I thought when the year is changing.

The below is a list of Top 10 amusements I met during the Christmas shopping spree!

No.10 "I like to Move it move it"

No.9 "Lego Christmas Tree"

No.8 "The Friendliest Bee"

No.7 "The Rudest Pen"

No.6 "3D Apple Puzzle"

No.5 "Apple Hand Cream"

No.4 "Mannequin's Apple Exposure"

No.3 "Model vs. iMan"

No.2 "DKNY's Apple Christmas Tree, Believe it or Not!"

No.1 "A Secret of iMan Christmas"

Just Apple on Christmas to know the No.1 Amusement of Apple's Christmas Spree!~ I am here to wish you all Merry Christmas in advanced.


Spirit Of Mine said...

No.3 "Model vs iMan".. how sexy lips of iMan i ever see..witchery of Iman~! for iMan but not the model okies?

//Love & Peace\\ ^.^

Between, i like the No.6 "3D Apple Puzzle"'s one of the puzzle i ever wished to buy! (But it's very expensive, yet just for fun?)..Seem like delicious in Luis's hand..

rojakrojak said...


THE POSE!!!!!!!111



EL said...

3 of u???omg ahaahhaa
lego xmas tree?look nice!!i love lego

just apple said...

To Spirit of Mine: LOL sexy leh...><" yea I also wanted to buy but it's just expensive..XD

To rojakrojak: lol what's wrong with the pose!

To EL: lol omg..=/ yea lego is fun!!!! but expensive.>@@

✖「lil Saint」 said...

hahahha. lols. cool topic man. ur sexy pose. haha. lol.

Anonymous said...

i love the 'rudest pen' can i hv it?

i love the model of 'apple hand cream'.. her face is so so so innocents.. think of bite her..


3POINT8 said...

Merry Xmas, apple guy

just apple said...

To Lil Saint: lol sexy pose leh..XD

To Grace: walao the pen so rude you wan it? XD lol go bite her in college..XD

To 3Point8: Merry Xmas too!!!

MyNaMeIsZeFF said...

ho ho ho. . .

looking forward to this. let me guess.. a special edition apple product?

Joanne Chan said...

JC loves Christmas too!!
Not because of the 'exchange gifts', but it's purely because it is a romantic season!

****** Merry Christmas ******

just apple said...

To Zeff: haha u will see on Christmas..XD

To JC: yea it's romantic and sweet and warm!!!! hi5!

rojakrojak said...

u're right. i rili wanna hentam le. XD

desmond-t said...

merry xmas!!

wished you can let me know the number 1 already? wakakakaka

Jhoice said...

very interesting topic =D
I guess I now have to list down mine, LOLS.

Those reasons are pretty neat.
esp the Mannequin's Apple Exposure, awesome!! I haven't seen 3D Apple Puzzle yet though, I wanna have one =D,

just apple said...

To desmond-t:merry xmas! XD cannot...wait until Christmas..=/

To Jhoice: haha yea you could! lol Mannequin's Apple Exposure..hilarious~ >.< that's a cute 3D Apple Puzzle!

vialentino said...

i go for Mannequin's Apple Exposure!!

luis said...

oh i just laugh myself sick out of no.3, nice lips man:)
i wonder what your no.1 is, can i have a hint?plz~~~

just apple said...

To Vialentino: yaay the mannequin rox!!!

To Luis: lol...u tried my lips before don't you! XD no hints!

Alpha Whale said...

I'm cute? Aww thank you, I'm blushing. Though I can't say I meet the standards of your sexy posing skills iMan.

Honeybeebie said...

i think i can guess the first one... er.. it will be ur will-be-received christmas gift... right?

just apple said...

To Alpha Whale: lol whale is cute what..:D

To Honeybeebie: lol you are wrong...if it's so easy for you to guess..this is not special already..:P

maymei said...

OMG...Mannequin's Apple Exposure .. o.O

I've saw the 3D apple puzzle, which is about RM50 -.-|||

just apple said...

To maymei: lol may...yea that's freakin expensive..=/

Angel~ said...

*fainted from the pictures~

funnyyyyyyy lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ =D

just apple said...

To Angel: haha hug angel! XD dun faint! >.<

sunny said...

very nice advert!!!! thanks for visiting my site bud!

xin said...

damn. suspen nye. i wonder whats the no.1. btw, i have been seeing the apple on some blogs, is that a hand/face cream?

just apple said...

To Sunny: prob bro!

To xin: haha yea that's hand cream! the smell is just same as apple juice too..XD

Angel~ said...

hahahahaha~ *hugs anson~~~

just apple said...

To Angel~: hug angel~

Elvin said...

super photos, thanks :)